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Abigail Bowen

I have been drawing since I can remember. I’ve never taken an art class and have gained my knowledge and inspiration from observing and speaking with fellow artists and tattooists that I admire.

I was born and raised in Floyd County, Virginia. I remember when the first tattoo shop opened up in 2011 and I wasn’t actually interested in tattoos at the time. I walked into the shop in the Summer of 2012 with my portfolio under the encouragement of some very good friends to check it out.

I started my apprenticeship in June of 2012 under David Wicks at Floyd Tattoo and Arts Gallery (now known as Under The Sun Tattoo), and worked hard to gain my license. In 2014, Luke and I started up Under The Sun Tattoo and things have been going pretty well since then.

I have a range of what I am capable and happy to do tattoo-wise, but I stick pretty closely to color Neo-Traditionalism. My goal is to do tattoos that will last my client’s lifetime by creating designs that stay vibrant and legible to withstand the aging process that affects tattoos.

I keep my Instagram and Facebook portfolio pretty up to date so please have a look to see my most recent works.

Facebook Portfolio
Instagram Portfolio